RAS Aviation Newsletter | 01/2023

airplus engineering

The airplus engineering GmbH – part of the RAS group – is your specialist for aircraft and rotorcraft modifications, upgrades, refurbishment or special mission conversion. As an EASA Design Organisation (EASA.21J.799, derived from EASA.21J.085) our team brings several decades of experience with them.

You will find airplus in two different locations in Germany, with the headquarter located at the Airport Oberpfaffenhofen [EDMO] and a branch office at the Lausitz airport [EDUS].

From minor improvements like EFB mounts or USB Ports up to full-blown avionic glass cockpit upgrades, airplus has the complete capability to support and certify the modification. This increases and improves readability, handling, situational awareness, accuracy and the access to all required primary flight data for the pilot. Including an increased security through newest TAWS, GPS, LPV, COM, etc. functionality, current aviation standards like ADSB-out are covered.

airplus offers cabin (and cockpit) refurbishments from small touch up repairs, leather deep cleaning, up to material exchange of carpets, panel linings, seat cover replacement, leather upgrades, etc.

Since comfort does not stop at the pure aircraft handling, the available cabin upgrades range from pure refurbishment of surfaces and cover materials to complete lopa chances, IFE, WI-FI solutions including in-flight connectivity and upgrade to VVIP finishes.

Lastly, Cabin Floor and Sidewall heating can be installed, which will increase performance in terms of weight and power consumption, flexibility and damage tolerance.

Andreas Bischl