Mitarbeiter Interview mit Dirk Hagedorn


Das Interview

Tell us about your daily tasks:

My daily tasks are to carry out inspections, maintenance and repairs on aircraft of type ATR42/72.

Since when have you been working for RAS and what do you like most about your work here?

After 3,5 years of training to be an aircraft mechanic, I started working for RAS as a full-time-employee on Feb. 01. 2017. What I particularly like about my job is the daily variation in tasks and daily challenges that arise. I always learn something new, from maintenance tasks all the way to exchanging experiences with colleagues that have been working here for long. My further training as “Certified Staff CAT B1” enables me to get an even deeper understanding of the highly technical and complex area of mechanics.

Which project did you prefer the most?

My job is very diverse and complex, but my particular interest lies with engines or propellers because the work on them is quite demanding. The complex technology behind these blades, fascinates me. In addition, off-site visits are always something very special. These visits give me the opportunity to learn about working methods at other airports. This keeps my work interesting and exciting.