Mitarbeiter Interview mit Mark Schulze

Aircraft mechanic

Das Interview

Tell us about your daily tasks at work:

As dock chief, I am responsible for the coordination and division of the workforce for the running projects. My main tasks are to make sure that all projects are processed according to the correct guidelines and the right timing. Furthermore, I am in charge of the procurement of spare parts, orders and repair requests.

Since when have you been working for RAS and what do you like about your work here?

I started working for RAS on the 01.05.2006. So about 14 years ago … I really like the fact that we get the chance to work abroad, if we have offsite projects. This gives us the chance to see some great parts of the world.

Which project did you prefer the most?

I do not really have any favorite projects but if I would have to decide on one, it would be the four-month project in Namibia, Windhoek, Africa. That was quite an experience …