Mitarbeiter Interview mit Miguel Valverde

Das Interview

How long have you been working for RAS?

I started working for RAS as an intern for a year on March 01, 2015. I completed my apprenticeship and I am still working here as a temporary staff member alongside my studies.

Tell us about your daily tasks:

As a temporary staff member in the CAMO department, my work includes maintaining the data of our aircraft. I also create files that help maintain internal workflows and make them more efficient.

What do you like about your work at RAS?

The work at RAS has a lot of variety and surprises me every day with tasks that always challenge me.

Which project did you like best?

One of my most favorite projects was being able to prepare for my first trade show – the AERO Friedrichshafen in 2016. To be involved in such a large project during my first year of training was great! It was amazing to see the positive results in the end. Being able to market the aircraft as well as working closely to our sales team, is still a very important experience for me and so far, it was definitely the highlight of my career