Mitarbeiter Interview mit René Saalbach


Das Interview

Tell us about your daily tasks at RAS:

I prepare the cabins for their respective maintenance checks. This includes the assembly and disassembly of floorboards, side walls, overhead bins as well as the front and back of the cargo areas. Furthermore, my team and I also work on the outside of the aircraft by installing and deinstalling the aircraft belly and landing gears as well as mounting and dismounting the leading edges on the wings.

How long have you been working at RAS and what do you like about your work?

I have been working at RAS since April 2018. I started as a temporary aircraft mechanic and am now seen as a fully-fledged aircraft mechanic. I really enjoy working with my colleagues as everyone is super motivated. The variety of tasks is also something that I find very interesting.

What motivates you at work?

To be able to work in the aviation industry really motivates me. When I was a child I stood in front of an aircraft and was fascinated by it. Now, years later, I am fortunate enough to be able to work on these aircraft and this makes me incredibly happy.