Mitarbeiter Interview mit Yvonne Schneider

Aircraft mechanic

Das Interview

Tell us about your daily tasks:

I participate in the management that ensures airworthiness. I also maintain the technical files of the aircraft as well as initiate and coordinate necessary modifications, repairs and maintenance work. Furthermore, I am responsible for the final processing of CAMO projects.

Since when do you work at RAS?

I started my internship as an aircraft mechanic at RAS in 2007. I then became the first and only woman to join the team as an apprentice, specializing in aircraft maintenance. In 2012, I successfully completed my final examine and became a full-time employee at RAS, as an aircraft mechanic.

Which project did you enjoy the most?

There are many projects that I have been involved in over the past years, all of which I have really enjoyed. A highlight was the repair of an aircraft that had an emergency landing without landing gear on a field in Sauerland. The aircraft was recovered and transported to RAS in Mönchengladbach. It had suffered propeller and engine damages as well as a variety of structural and landing gear defects. We successfully repaired the aircraft and made it airworthy once again.