Mitarbeiter Interview mit Joan-Gordon-Kindler-Trem

Das Interview

What shop do you work in and since when?

We work in the composite shop. Our current team is made up of four employees and has been in place for two years now. Our most experienced member has been in this shop for eight years.

What does your daily work involve?

Our tasks include the repair of all components made of fiber composite materials, such as engine cowlings and control flaps. All our work is carried out strictly in accordance with the manufacturer’s specifications and we are therefore in constant contact with the manufacturer.

What makes your shop special?

First and foremost, our shop is special because of our great team spirit. We all enjoy working together and there are no conflicts among us. Additionally, our shop is modernising year on year as we manufacture new products from composite materials.

How long have you been with RAS?

I have been here for seven years now …