Locations and Services

Rheinland Air Service operates a variety of facilities located across Europe and Africa. Facilities include aircraft maintenance, repair, and overhaul (MRO) destinations; numerous refueling stations; as well as the FBO facility at Munich Executive Airport. RAS can also provide line maintenance at your locations.

RAS Operates Aircraft Repair Facilities in Europe and Africa

Our main repair facility is conveniently located at Düsseldorf-Mönchengladbach Airport (EDLN, MGL) in Germany. RAS customers appreciate its central European location, its 35,000m² apron, and storage parking availability. We have 180 highly-skilled and experienced technicians ready to provide you with our industry-leading MRO services.

RAS’ growing subsidiary, Aviation Centre at Eros Airport in Windhoek, Namibia, provides a convenient new MRO destination for regional carriers. African airlines can now replace expensive long ferry flights to Europe with a short local stop. RAS’ certified African facility has broad MRO capabilities. Onsite technical staff includes A & C, as well as B & D, mechanics and engineers.

RAS Offers Fueling Services at Numerous Airports

A diversified aviation industry supplier, Rheinland Air Service offers aircraft refueling services at the airports in Düsseldorf-Weeze (NRN, EDLV), Frankfurt Hahn (HHN), Frankfurt and Mönchengladbach (MGL, EDLN).

In addition to their JET A1 and into-plane fueling services, RAS owns a state-of-the-art fuel farm at Düesseldorf-Weeze airport, which is operated by their subsidiary, TLR.

RAS Manages FBO and Handling Services

Rheinland Air Service manages FBO handling services for passengers and crews at Munich (OBF, EDMO) airports. Located just 20 km southwest of Munich, that recently-expanded fixed base operation (FBO) is dedicated solely to business aviation.
Munich Executive Airport offers a 7,500 foot ILS-equipped runway, plus an exceptionally-convenient location with no slots. The RAS handling and FBO services include a lounge, conference and crew briefing rooms, shuttle service, groundpower, cleaning, de-icing, and much more. RAS also offers hotel and limousine arrangements, along with delicious catering.

RAS Also Offers Line Maintenance at Your Locations

RAS can provide line maintenance to your individual requirements. We will establish fully-equipped line stations wherever your airplanes are located. You can then rely on us to handle all your service requirements, such as defect repairs, transit checks, and pre-flight inspections. Contact us for more information.